Driven Sprockets are produced from the best materials to produce light weight long-lasting sprockets. Obtainable in either 7075-T6 quality Aluminum or Steel, Driven sprockets are also hard anodized for appears and increased durability.
Ever-power front and rear sprockets are made of case hardened metal and hard anodized for power allowing Driven to drill holes to lessen overall weight and
Ever-power front and rear sprockets are constructed with case hardened steel and hard anodized for power allowing Driven to drill holes to reduce general weight and mass. Every sprocket is usually checked and examined to ensure the highest quality and reliability to fulfill the demands of today’s high driven machines.
Driven Steel Back Sprockets certainly are a great economical choice for all those looking for all your quality and performance of a driven sprocket while also looking for the maximum existence from their sprocket. Every powered metal rear sprocket is produced to the highest quality in the industry. While Driven 520 metal sprockets weigh in at typically only one 1.5 lbs they are constructed of the highest quality 45C steel available and are guaranteed against defects in components and workmanship. Metal rear sprockets are temperature treated and quenched for maximum strength. They are electro-static plated BLACK to give a dynamic black complete and add protection.

Ever-power driven sprockets are manufactured to a rigorous standard of quality which is unsurpassed
in the market. Every driven sprocket is definitely guaranteed against producer defects in materials and workmanship.

Driven front side sprockets are made from case hardened steel and hard anodized for strength.
This allows Driven Racing to drill holes and reduce overall weight and mass.
Driven back sprockets are CNC machined from 7075 aluminum

All Powered sprockets are checked and tested to ensure the finest quality and reliability
to satisfy the needs of today’s high-powered machines.

Driven Sprockets were created using Powered Racing’s proprietary EST Technology.
And Powered Sprockets have Lowered surface area to remove unnecessary weight.

These are manufactured from the best alum on the market and the anodizing has one of the best finishes we’ve ever seen. Driven is all we make use of on the Mummy bike and the other bikes used at For those who have any queries in what gearing you should get please e mail us and gearing should be designed for your requirements and wants. We are among the largest chain kit dealers in the usa so please ask us if you have any questions regarding what set up we’d recommend for the application.
All are hard anodized and great for customizing your bike to the look you wish with many colors available for the chain and back sprocket. Front sprockets are black and manufactured from steel. Great to customize your bike and make it stick out.
If you follow our still left menu right down to the bottom level links you will notice a web link for bike share gearing to learn about your bike’s share gearing and also a connect to chain kit fundamentals which explains a whole lot about chain kits.
Our sprockets are hard anodized therefore they are nearly doubly strong as non hard anodized back sprocket. All front sprockets are steel. All the chains listed will be the top models from each producers and all have a master rivet link. We take quality and functionality serious , nor sell anything but the very best and stuff we fully have confidence in and use ourself.
You shouldn’t be fooled by kits with cheaper poor chains. We just sell the very best chains by each producer so do not inquire about cheaper chains as we don’t wish our customers calling back upset and so we just sell what we have confidence in and know to be the best. All of our chain kits also have a rivet master link for the best in safety, quality, and performance.
In order to best assist you to pick your chain we’ve listed the tensile strength rankings from each major manufacturer.
· EK ZZZ 530=11,400
· RK MAXX 530=9,900 (Recommended for this chain kit)
· DID ZVM2 530=10,370
· EK ZZZ 520=9,400
· RK MAXX 520=9,000 (Recommended because of this chain kit)
· RK GXW 520=8,800
· DID ERV3=8,660
· Regina’s GPZ 520=8,204
Combined Driven sprockets possess a retail worth of over $100.