Rotary Cutter Gearbox



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Details Rotary Cutter Gearbox:
Output Torque:20-80 Nm
Rated Power:50-80 HP
Input Speed:540 r.p.m
Output Speed: ratio 1-3:1
Shaft sleeve: 1090 mm
This series gearbox is mainly used on rotavator (rotary cultivator). It has the characteristics of universality, simple structure, good performance, etc. Through continuous practice and massive production for many years, it has been exported into overseas markets in Europe and America.
ISO9001 Quality System examined & verified by Third Party of CQC and passed second-degree safety quality standardization for machinery manufacturing enterprise.
Precision forging, cutting by CNC machine, heat treatment by German IPSON & laser techniques .
Strictly quality control by German CMM.
Various of gearboxes used in agricultural machines and industrial machines.
Advanced technics, strong self-development power, able to produce new type gearbox according to customer’s design